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ICW Free Docks is excited to help cruisers discover and enjoy America's Coastal Highway, and we would love to hear from you. Leave a public comment below and rate your experience on ICW Free Docks web site by selecting a star rating. You can also send an email from the Contact page if you prefer to send a private message. Comments from emails are also added below. The guide listing for each FREE DOCK is updated with the latest information. 

December 2018

Thanks to Southwinds Magazine for publishing the article Free Docks on the ICW in the December 2018 issue. 

December 01, 2018 - Lan Grzadka

Hi. Just wanted to let you know that the free docks at barefoot landing in SC are open and they are indeed free. There is a sign at the docks that state that they are complementary day docks. We docked there today along with 3 other sailboats. Also, the pump out station across the ICW at barefoot marina is free - a definite bonus! Also the security guard said that we could stay at the docks until 7pm.

November 30, 2018 - Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway Association

Thank you for the post and continually helping us raise awareness of our efforts. We appreciate every single person we represent in trying to be the Voice of the Waterway. We hope this will lead to more participation by the boating community as members since our strength comes in the breadth and diversity of our membership!  #everymembercounts

November 26, 2018 - Tim Gaffney, The Home Office ,Gold Looper 2018

Georgetown, SC
We pulled into the free dock to take Lucy to shore and ate at Big Tuna Raw Bar on their outdoor patio.  We went to the ice cream parlor for dessert before pulling off the dock and anchoring about 50’ away for the night.  In the morning we went back to the free dock to walk Lucy and had breakfast at Thomas Cafe.  In Georgetown they are VERY serious that you pull off the dock for the night.  We were warned more than once by locals.  I was surprised that there was no time limit, you just had to be off and could not stay overnight.  It was a great stop.  

Beaufort, SC
We pulled into the NEW free dock that is adjacent to the city park.  It has plenty of depth - well over 15’ on either side - so boats should feel comfortable docking on either side.  While we were at the dock we noticed that the park had free wifi.  We were able to pull in at about 4:00pm to let Lucy off and have supper.  We ate at Que by the Bay on their covered outdoor patio and could bring Lucy.  After dinner we enjoyed ice cream at the park and then pushed off and went about a third of a mile south to anchor for the night.  The next morning we again returned to the free dock to walk Lucy.  We had breakfast at Blackstone’s Cafe, which also had outdoor seating.  And then we continued on our journey south.

Darien River Waterfront Park, Darien, GA
A long way off the ICW, but we enjoyed our two nights there.  We contacted Teresa per your suggestion and made our reservation.  There was plenty of room at the dock but please warn folks about the current, as docking was a bit of a trick.  Thankfully, Captain Winn Gail was there to catch our lines and help, otherwise we would have had a really tough time. We ate supper twice at B&J’s Steak and Seafood for their all you can eat seafood specials.  Uber is often available in Darien for those who need it, but because this is not a highly populated area, they may have a bit of a wait.  

Jim King Park and Boat Ramp at Sister’s Creek Marina, Jacksonville, FL
Our last free/cheap dockage was here.  The river-facing dock was closed and not available to boaters.  But the north dock was wonderful.  We shared it with a 55’ Nordhaven and there was plenty of room for another 4 or 5 boats.  We did not use the restroom so we have no comments on that, but it was a nice place to walk Lucy.  I would suggest you check with others to see if the river-facing dock will be reopened. 

January 2017

Thanks to Cruising World for the shout-out in the January 2017 article In Praise of Free Docks.

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