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ICW Free Docks©


Mile 0 in Norfolk, VA to Mile 1022.4 in West Palm Beach, FL

January 01, 2019



The information for HYPERLINKS and or ICW Free Docks was originally gathered in 2015, published and copyrighted in 2017, and completely revised and updated in October 2018. Many docks and marinas suffered damages from Hurricanes Matthew in 2016, Irma in 2017, and Florence in 2018, and may remain closed or only offer limited access. ICW Free Docks has continued to list all facilities based on their permanent status rather that their temporary situation. Comments are added to indicate the current status of the docks if known.


Bottom depths change over time; schedules, telephone numbers, web addresses, and FREE dockage offers are all subject to change. ICW Free Docks highly recommends that you contact or verify all FREE dockage offers before planning a trip. Please notify me if you have information that has changed or if you have a FREE dockage location that is not listed. I will update accordingly.


Permission to Use

ICW Free Docks© is the intellectual property of James H. Newsome. Permission is granted to Chris DiCroce and Melody (Puckett) DiCroce to include a pdf copy of this document for free download on their web site and for reference in their various publications. All other users are granted permission to download and print copies as needed for non-commercial or personal use only.



ICW Free Docks was originally a simple project to help friends who were cruising from South Carolina to the Chesapeake Bay. Realizing there was a need for concise information about Free Docks I decided to share the list of Free Docks with anyone who was interested. The response has been extremely encouraging and has grown to over 3,200 followers on Facebook alone. I want ICW Free Docks to become an advocate for encouraging communities located on America’s Waterways to expand their Free Docks opportunities, and I need the help of cruisers to let these communities know they heard about them on ICW Free Docks.  I have already begun discussions with various towns and communities to consider offering exclusive promotions for cruisers who follow ICW Free Docks and with other communities about offering Free Docks as a way of attracting more visitors to their locations. I also plan to expand ICW Free Docks listings to include more of America’s Waterway.


James H. Newsome


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Map: ICW Free Docks Map Shared Version




For a list of Free Docks in each state use the drop down menu at the top of this page or select the state or StM range below and click on it.




0 StM to 34 StM


34 StM to 340.8 StM


340.8 StM to 575.8 StM


575.8 StM to 712 StM


712 StM to 1152.5 StM


ICW Free Docks© does not list any FREE DOCKS on the AICW south of West Palm Beach, FL at this time. Please comment and advise of any FREE DOCKS that can be added to this list or updates on existing FREE DOCKS. Please be as specific as possible about location, ICW mile marker, nearest highway bridge, etc. ICW Free Docks© guide was completely updated in October 2018. Revisions are made as needed.


ICW Free Docks would love to hear about your experiences at FREE DOCKS.

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