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340.8 StM to 575.8 StM


353.6 StM

Barefoot Landing Marina, North Myrtle Beach, SC – The Barefoot Landing Marina dock is a gateway to the popular Barefoot Landing which includes numerous shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues in North Myrtle Beach. The Barefoot Landing Marina web site says: It's all free. Dock at your own risk. This dock was reported damaged from hurricanes and closed as late as 10/30/18, but on 12/01/18 ICW Free Docks Contributor Lan Grzadka docked there along with three other boats and reported there is a sign stating that the dock is a complementary day dock. A security guard also informed Lan that the FREE DOCK at Barefoot Landing Marina is open until 7:00PM each day.

Located directly across the ICW is the commercial Barefoot Marina. Per Lan the pump out station is free. It is suggested that you call the Barefoot Marina to confirm this information and consider using them to top off your fuel supply while there.

Phone: 843-272-8349

Email: barefoot@bccompany.com

Link to Map: https://goo.gl/maps/DG7sHyAJq2z

Coordinates: 33°48'05.3"N 78°44'41.7"W or 33.80146, -78.74491

Visit: http://www.barefootlandingmarina.com/

Or: http://www.bflanding.com/


404 StM

Georgetown, SC – Two Free Day Docks 1.3 miles off ICW in the heart of Downtown Georgetown on Harborwalk and within easy walking distance of many local shops and restaurants. A grocery store and pharmacy are within a 20 minute walk. No overnight docking is permitted. Docks have been recently renovated. Look for large sign reading Georgetown Public Dock past Harborwalk Marina. There are two T-Docks approximately 70’ in length separated by approximately 16 private finger docks. The Georgetown Visitor Center is located at 531 Front Street. They have maps of the downtown historic district and will offer suggestions of what to do in Georgetown. Visit the boater services web link for a complete list of nearby retail facilities and marine related services.

Phone Visitors Center: 843-546-8436


Link to Map Day Dock 1: https://goo.gl/maps/VdDdqwKJ6QD2

Coordinates Day Dock 1: 33°21'54.1"N 79°16'58.6"W or 33.36503, -79.28293

Link to Map Day Dock 2: https://goo.gl/maps/L1BjHEVBkeR2

Coordinates for Day Dock 2: 33°21'57.5"N 79°17'02.6"W or 33.36597, -79.28406

Visit: https://www.historicgeorgetownsc.com/boater-services-georgetown-sc/

Or: https://www.historicgeorgetownsc.com/home-historic-georgetown-sc/

Or: http://cityofgeorgetownsc.com/


436.8 StM

McClellanville, SC - Buck Hall Recreation Area and Boat Landing is a popular campground located in the Francis Marion and Sumter National Forests. The 30’ fixed dock is located directly on the ICW just 100’ north of the boat ramp. Restrooms with showers and a picnic area with tables and grills are available.

Phone: 843-336-2200


Link to Map: https://goo.gl/maps/jjtmZMPhNxt

Coordinates: 33°02'18.9"N 79°33'37.5"W or

Visit: https://www.recreation.gov/camping/campgrounds/234128

464 StM

Mount Pleasant, SC - Shem Creek Boardwalk and Park located 2 StM off the ICW features 250’ of floating dock and 2200’ of boardwalk connecting the park with local restaurants, tidal creeks, marsh, commercial fishing docks and restrooms in this area known for local seafood and nightlife. The park is open daily from 5am until midnight and is an excellent location for paddle boarding, kayaking, and walking all while enjoying a taste of the South Carolina Low Country culture. You can also dock at some of the restaurants located in Shem Creek, which are connected by the boardwalk. Thanks for ICW Free Docks contributor Miata Daves for suggesting the addition of Shem Creek Boardwalk and Park to the list of ICW Free Docks.    

Phone: 843-884-8517

Email: communications@tompsc.com

Link to Map: https://goo.gl/maps/sq2LPeVBFBK2

Coordinates: 32°47'25.9"N 79°53'04.9"W or 32.79053, -79.88474

Visit: http://www.tompsc.com/DocumentCenter/View/19635/ShemCreek_Final_LowRes?bidId=

Or: https://scgreatoutdoors.com/park-shemcreekpark.html

Or: http://www.tompsc.com/Facilities/Facility/Details/Shem-Creek-Park-36

Or: https://experiencemountpleasant.com/explore/shem-creek-park/

Or: https://discoversouthcarolina.com/articles/enjoy-the-shem-creek-boardwalk

Or: http://www.vickerysmtp.com/about

536 StM

Beaufort, SC Waterfront Park Day Dock – Located directly on the ICW the day dock opened in May 2018. The 12’ wide and 200’ long aluminum floating T-dock provides easy access to the heart of downtown Beaufort with its many shops and restaurants. The dock is available from 6AM to 1PM daily with no overnight stay permitted.

Phone: 843-525-7070

Phone: Beaufort Convention & Visitors Bureau - 843-525-8500

Email: http://www.downtownbeaufort.com/

Link to Map: https://goo.gl/maps/4MajQ3dvXN82

Coordinates: 32°25'47.5"N 80°40'19.2"W or 32.42985, -80.67199

Visit: http://www.cityofbeaufort.org/parks.aspx

Or: http://www.beaufortsc.org/

Or: http://www.downtownbeaufort.com/

Or: http://www.cityofbeaufort.org/waterfront-park-day-dock.aspx

Or: https://eatsleepplaybeaufort.com/downtown-beaufort-day-dock-open-for-boaters/


536.2 StM

Beaufort, SC Day Dock – Free day use only, owned by the city. 140’ floating dock and no services. Dinghies dock to the rear side. Reported good water depths. Located just west of Downtown Beaufort Marina and east of the mooring balls.

Phone: 843-525-7070

Phone: Beaufort Convention & Visitors Bureau - 843-525-8500

Email: http://www.downtownbeaufort.com/

Link to Map: https://goo.gl/maps/x3Z7BACktg12

Coordinates: 32°25'50.9"N 80°40'31.2"W or 32.43081, -80.67533

Visit: http://www.cityofbeaufort.org/parks.aspx

Or: http://www.beaufortsc.org/

Or: http://www.downtownbeaufort.com/


560 StM

Bluffton Town Dock, SC – Calhoun Street Public Dock Designated as a free day dock or emergency overnight 7.6 miles from ICW up the May River. Reported to be 50-60’ in length with about 8’ of water. A sign on the modern aluminum floating dock welcomes boaters to Old Town Bluffton. The dock is located three blocks from the Heyward House Museum and Welcome Center and six blocks from local restaurants. Home Depot, Target, and Best Buy are located approximately one mile away. Thanks to ICW Free Docks contributor Pam Douglas Webster for her positive comments on traveling the May River and her visit to this dock. A request for additional information was sent on 10/22/18.

Phone: 843 706-4500

Email: growthmanagementcs@townofbluffton.com

Link to Map: https://goo.gl/maps/WA8pVxnsdFA2

Coordinates: 32°13'49.7"N 80°51'48.9"W or 32.23046, -80.86358

Visit: https://www.townofbluffton.sc.gov/engineering-department/public-works/parks

Or: https://www.heywardhouse.org/welcome-center

Or: http://www.townofbluffton.sc.gov/


567.4 StM

Freeport Marina on Daufuskie Island, SC – Located directly on the ICW Freeport Marina is the gateway to Daufuskie Island but is essentially an unattended dock and a ferry stop. Day dockage is free when you eat or drink at the Old Daufuskie Crab Company Restaurant located in the village area at the marina. Visit the General Store or rent a golf cart or Moped and tour the island and sample its unique Low Country history. Located near the General Store is the stables where the colonial Spanish breed Marsh Tacky horses can be seen. ICW Free Dock contributor Miata Daves reported on February 01, 2019 that the bartender, Stephen, gave him permission to dock free of charge overnight if he ate dinner at the restaurant. Call ahead to the restaurant and ‘very nicely’ ask permission to dock overnight without charges if you have dinner there. During the offseason they are not busy and apparently are very accommodating. During the peak season and weekends especially there will be hundreds of boats docked at the marina.

Phone Main Office: 843-342-8687

Phone General Store: 843-785-8242

Phone Restaurant: 843-785-6652

Email: https://daufuskiedifference.com/contact/

Link to Map: https://goo.gl/maps/CnNRbYGBchu

Coordinates: 32°08'01.1"N 80°52'16.6"W or 32.13364, -80.87128

Visit: https://daufuskiedifference.com/freeport-marina/

Or: https://daufuskiedifference.com/general-store/

570.2 StM

Daufuskie Island County Dock, SC – Located ½ mile off the ICW the County Dock is a 60’ floating dock 65’ dinghy or small boat dock which services Daufuskie Island, which does not have a land or bridge access. Although overnight docking is not allowed many cruisers report having done so. The iconic Marshside Moma’s Café located near the dock unfortunately closed in early 2018. It was a rustic Low-Country bar and restaurant with a dance hall flavor that defined the personality of the remote Daufuskie Island. Local friendly and colorful characters frequented the Café and their stories were well worth the cost of a meal and drink or two. Cruisers can only hope that this establishment will reopen soon. Read more about this in the Island Packet link below. ICW Free Docks contributor Miata Daves reported on February 1, 2019 that a police officer from the mainland is on the island each day from 10:00AM until 6:00PM and informed his that it is ok to dock overnight. Miata was also told that Marshside Moma’s Café will be reopening in the spring of 2019.



Link to Map: https://goo.gl/maps/n4XPSJtHjnv

Coordinates: 32°06'21.5"N 80°53'39.4"W or 32.10596, -80.89428

Visit: https://www.bcgov.net/departments/Engineering-and-Infrastructure/public-works/boat-landings-folder/Daufuskie-Island-Boat-Landing.php

Or: http://www.daufuskieisland.com/public-dock/

Or: https://www.islandpacket.com/opinion/opn-columns-blogs/david-lauderdale/article191405064.html