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Welcome! ICW Free Docks is a guide for complementary and almost free dock offerings from towns and communities along the Atlantic IntraCoastal Waterway. Free Docks are offered by many communities to attract cruisers to their town knowing that you will spend money with their local merchants.


Free Docks are a win-win for boaters who are traveling the ICW as well as the communities. In exchange for a free place to dock our boats overnight or a couple days we reward the community with our shopping dollars. We all have to buy groceries, fuel, and other necessities of life somewhere! Why not do this in a community that appreciates our business?

Enjoy the free guide to ICW Free Docks and let the local communities you visit know that you visited their town because you learned about them on ICW Free Docks.

The guide ICW Free Docks is FREE to all users and is provided at no charge to the town or community offering the Free Docks.

The following manufacturers recognize the growing group of boaters who are following ICW Free Docks and want to extend promotional discounts to their product lines. 


Viadana is an Italian manufacturer of more than 600 quality built items designed for windsurfing, sailboats, keelboats, and cabin cruisers—either for regatta or cruising. Viadana has a reputation for using only the best available materials for nautical applications--stainless steel AISI 316 and AISI 304; aluminum alloys 6063, 6005, and 5154; and composite fiber, polymers as carbon fiber, and Delrin®. Compared to more recognizable brands Viadana is extremely competitive in price. Additionally, use the promo code ICW10 at checkout and receive an additional 10% off all purchases.   


In 1979 the V.F. Shaw Company invented, perfected and marketed ChuteSCOOP, the first spinnaker sleeve furling device in this country. V.F. Shaw Company has continued to refine and improve their product design features over the years. ChuteSCOOP is available in nine standard sizes to fit boats from 20' to 45' as well as custom sizes. Turtleroo is a uniquely designed spinnaker turtle bag, which is made especially for stowing your sail and ChuteSCOOP or any other spinnaker control device. It features a wide mouth bag having a split drawstring top. The top folds back to reveal one or three spacious

interior pockets to hold ChuteSCOOP and sail lines. Contact Gary Shaw at 301-262-5266 or Garyshaw75@aol.com and quote the promo code ICW10 to receive a 10% discount off

your purchase.  

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