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Welcome! ICW Free Docks is a guide listing for complementary and almost free offerings from towns and communities along and near the Atlantic IntraCoastal Waterway. You may ask how does it work, and why are some docks free while at others you will incur transient fees.

Commercial Marinas are businesses and must charge for services and product in order to generate revenue. These commercial marinas charge transient boaters for overnight rental of their docks as well as services provided such as electricity, use of bathhouses, and possibly even water. Rates vary between marinas but will range from less than $1 per foot (length of your boat) to over $3 per foot and will usually include a separate charge for an electrical hookup.

Free Docks are offered by many communities to attract cruisers to their town knowing that you will spend money with their local merchants. A Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Board, or town government is all about promoting their community and attracting outside dollars for local business revenue as well as tax dollars.

Free Docks are a win-win situation for boaters who are traveling the ICW as well as the community. In exchange for a free place to dock your boat overnight or for a couple days you reward the community with your shopping dollars. We all have to buy groceries, fuel, and other necessities of life somewhere!


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The Albemarle Plantation Marina known as "The Boaters Resort” is extending up to two weeks southern hospitality and FREE Dockage to transit Boaters from April 1 to June 1. Come over, enjoy golf, tennis, swimming, Bocce, 2 Restaurants and retail Beer and Wine. Bring your kayak, or rent one at the marina, and paddle some of the nearby creeks and rivers. See you soon! Visit Albemarle Loop on Facebook or  2020 Albemarle Loop Marina

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