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Interesting Analytics

We are a mobile society and as boaters we are especially more and more dependent on our mobile devices. Analytics for ICW Free Docks shows that almost twice as many sessions are initiated from mobile devices as from desktop PC. Fortunately when the web site was built I was keen to make sure that all the features worked as well on a mobile screen as on a desktop. Ideally, an app would be great, but financially that's not in the cards at this time.

Of the 548 unique site visits this month most are from Google search or direct access. Only 123 are from Facebook even though for the first few years Facebook was the only online source for ICW Free Docks. Starting this year I've switched the main photo gallery from the web site to Instagram. This platform allows easier uploading and organizing of images and broadens the social aspect reach of ICW Free Docks.

ICW Free Docks Maps continues to be the most popular feature of the guide with over 68 thousand site visits to date. This shows me that visitors would rather search for Free Dock information on a visual or map than just read about them. All the information for every listing is available on the map as well as the Guide by State on the web site.

I will continue to improve the experience of using ICW Free Docks and hope it brings value to the users. I also suggest that you visit the suppliers listed on the Home Page for savings on much needed items such as sailing hardware, sails, and other related items.


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